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"My hope is that your yoga practice is a coming home. . . coming home to the heart,

to the self, to the soul."

Meghan Trevorrow



my approach

I am passionate about helping my students

find comfort, joy and love- not only in their

bodies but in their whole lives!

I am in deep gratitude for my teachers and the teacher-student relationship that has preserved this ancient lineage.  I want to acknowledge that this practice is rooted in South Asian culture, and that I am a work in progress, trying to find a way to share my passion, while honouring this history.

Yoga is a living practice that guides us to move through life in a more meaningful way.  It provides tools, structure and support to carry us through the highs and lows that are sure to come.


In my asana classes, I invite students to take time to sit, move, and breathe with themselves. Getting honest, letting go, and feeling it all- finding that missing peace.

I had the good fortune of meeting Meghan Trevorrow when I started my yoga journey in Ottawa. She was teaching and her gentle nature and kind soul made me realize the dedication and commitment that it takes to fulfill your path. I have and continue to follow her classes and her unbelievable retreats. Meghan and her teachings are jewels to admire and hold close to your heart. 


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