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One of the first qualities that you will notice about Meghan is her calm energy, an energy that carries with her through the entire class she is guiding . I have been attending Meghan's classes for 4 years and continue to seek out when she is teaching. It is clear that a lot of thought goes into every class she is teaching whether it be a flow , Yin, or a mixed class. Meghan has a way of gracefully challenging each and everyone of her students. Allowing them time to explore their own bodies and pushing them further. I love that the toughest pose for me ( savasana) seems so effortless when I practice with Meghan. It takes a special soul to guide you through a sequence that can allow your entire being to completely relax at the end . You leave Meghan's classes feeling stronger than you thought you were. Your body feels energized yet your mind is calm and at peace.


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