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~Live life to the fullest every single day~

about me

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not very active.  That doesn't mean that my relationship with my body has always been positive, or healthy.


Throughout my youth, I was completely captivated with competitive dance (from ballet, to jazz, to musical theatre!).  However, after furthering my studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson University, my body was starting to struggle.  I was also starting to feel less fulfilled, and more strained by performance and vigorous training.


This is when I found yoga.  I initially stumbled upon it through an Energy Exchange program, which allowed me to practice for free in exchange for a few hours of my time every week.  Almost immediately I knew it was a life-changing discovery.  The only way I can describe my feelings about yoga, is that it was like finally coming home.  Similar to dance, yoga asked my body to be strong, flexible, and graceful.  The difference was that yoga also asked me to approach my body with kindness, compassion and care.


I quickly discovered that yoga was SO much more than just a physical activity.  It was a system to teach me how to live a life aligned with truth, integrity, respect, spirituality and love.  As I dove deeper into the practice, I saw ripple effects in every aspect of my life.  I was happier and healthier.  I was make more meaningful connections.  I was more fulfilled and purposeful.


I have studied with some incredible teachers over the last ten years and am continuously looking to study more to keep my asana classes fresh and inspired.  My first 500-hour Teacher Training in 2012 was with Ted Grand & Jessica Robertson through Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga).  I have since studied The Art of Assisting with Baron Baptiste, Vinyasa Yoga with Seane Corn, Yin Yoga with Joe Barnett and Spirituality and Vinyasa with Philip Urso.

I recently set out on an adventure, leaving behind my comfortable life in Ottawa for the freedom of life on the road.  I am currently in Costa Rica and when I'm not in a yoga studio you'll probably find me snuggling with my kitty, taking time to connect to mother nature (beach & jungle - it doesn't get much better), or enjoying a delicious meal with my husband.

Meghan's classes are well constructed with smooth transitions and more than enough challenge both physically and mentally as she reminds me to be true to each pose.  More than the class itself, however, through a weekend retreat with her, I see practicality, generosity and compassion...  more than enough to share...she pours heart and soul into her teaching.  You would be blessed to have access to this beauty.


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